Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Diamine Eclipse


  1. Hello, I went through all your purple reviews, love the colour myself, many thanks for going through all this. Your posts are invaluable for people searching for new inks. So far I had been using Diamine Eclipse, an ink that isn't black yet it will pass in a formal setting. I'm looking to change it now, and I'd like your experienced input on the following:
    Callifolio Bourgogne
    Callifollio Cassis
    Akkerman Voorhout Violet (awesome bottles)
    KWZ IG Violet #2
    KWZ IG Violet #3
    KWZ IG Gummiberry
    I need your help to start crossing out this list with interesting colour choices, based on other characteristics.
    Which would you say doesn't perform good enough (not working well in drier pens, no lubrication, etc)?
    Which ones feather, bleed, show on cheaper paper?
    Anything else you'd cross out?
    Thank you, keep up the good work!

  2. I'm not sure that any of the inks you mention are ideal for formal use, but it all depends upon what your definition of formal is I suppose! The Callifolio inks are very wet and some IG inks can be a little dry, so the Akkerman may have the most predictable flow. If you liked Eclipse, I'd suggest you try PR Ebony Purple - it's almost as dark but the purple is actually visible...