Sunday, 1 May 2016

Lamy Dark Lilac


  1. I am an inkaholic bottles are my real weakness, I love their look and feel. I will campaign for the entire year for Lamy to give us the chance to buy Dark Lilac in a bottle (or until I find one cheap with cheap postage).
    As for having other options yes I have lots of other purples (19) but I want more MORE MORE!!
    Rant over, lovely picture and you really have showed off the shading of Dark Lilac - I am away to pester Lamy again.

    1. You go for it Kenneth! Lamy are not being smart at all in failing to listen to their customers (and, indeed, their retailers) and you will be doing them a favour if you bring them to their senses.

    2. Well I spent my holiday morning dropping emails and messages to all the suppliers I use, asking them to pester Lamy, one already has replied saying they are pestering Lamy so they can stop getting asked why they are not stocking it.
      I have also reached out to Lamy again, must be about my 5th time. This is my 2016 crusade.